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28 March 2022: V 0.2

Bug Fixes:
• Resolving issue with properly displaying the participation and authorship of any user through the user management view (concerns administrators);
• Resolving issue with not automatically using file’s name as title for new uploaded source input and target schema files when using the “Files’ Metadata” manager dialog;
• Resolving issue with changes applied within the X3ML code of the:
info  source  source-info  namespaces, and
• info  target  target-info  namespaces elements not been loaded through the UI;
• Resolving issue with not been able to construct the generator policy file out of the mapping project’s list of generator definitions, after having used the "Use UUID" optional filed on any of them;
• Resolving issue with the information displayed at the final step of the wizard for the generator policy file, while initiating a new project mapping;
• Resolving issue with error message not been properly shown when importing X3ML fragment code to Domain or link;
• Resolving issue with list of objects not been available through domain’s target entity field, after updating that domain through X3ML fragment code;
• Resolving issue with not properly rendering the errors after validating the selected values of some fields;
• Resolving several user syncing related errors;

New or Improved Functionality:
• A copy paste capability for links between different mapping projects has been introduced.
  Validation of the pasted links is automatically applied, preventing possible mistakes.
  The only restriction is that the same browser has to be used and that it doesn't work between regular and incognito tabs;
• Several libraries used by the system have been updated and several parts of the system have been refactored;
• Improved the way pagination and search filtering work together when at the mapping project list view;
• Filtering at the mapping project list view, has been improved to allow searching in all fields simultaneously;
• The functionality of the “Files’ Metadata” manager dialog has significantly been improved. Among several of these improvements, stands out the capability of adding or removing namespaces from any source input or target schema file;
• Fully supporting native “Additionals” has been introduced (native are the “Additionals” that appear within other “Additionals”). This functionality is offered through a new designed dialog that allows navigation among the children of any parent “Additional” at any level of depth. All the known functionality of the non-native “Additionals” is also available for the native ones (that includes the respective instance and label generators, variable and instance info, along with any validation that can be applied on relation and entity fields);
• Introducing new component for managing the predefined “Target Schema” and “Generator Policy” files (concerns administrators);
  That new component allows:
  o Enabling or disabling any predefined file from been used by users;
  o Editing the metadata information of any predefined file and any instance file based on that;
  o Uploading new files to be used as predefined by any user;
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