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# Change Log
## 05 September 2022: V 0.3.1
### New or Improved Functionality:
* Inactive preloaded file records can be hidden/shown by using a switch in the "Predefined File Management" view;
* Supporting the extra "language" argument when declaring any label generator declaration;
* Extra information is displayed on mapping and link's header when in the workspace view;
* Expanding many mappings simultaneously is allowed in workspace view;
* New checkbox for expanding/collapsing all mappings at once has been introduced in the workspace view;
* Improved the UI such as long XPaths are better displayed;
### Bug Fixes:
* Resolving issue related to the generator declarations and the X3ML file;
* Resolving issue with not displaying errors occurring when gathering the namespaces of RDFS files;
* Resolving issue with not properly importing form ZIP file when the contained files are placed in sub-folders;
* Resolving issue with no properly supporing namespaces used within elements in the XML source files, when listing the XPaths;
* Resolving issue with new preloaded files in the management view, been persisted twice in the database in some cases;
## 29 July 2022: V 0.3
### New or Improved Functionality:
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